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Submitted on
May 5, 2013


13 (who?)

Start of Month - Feature #003

Journal Entry: Sun May 5, 2013, 2:36 PM

Hello folks :w00t:

I finally got around to do my new "Start of Month"-Feature series issue :eager: Though it's pretty late already but I had a lot of stuff going on in my real life recently plus I have decided not to hang around at the PC that much anymore. There is so much better stuff to do during summer than to sit around inside ^^

Anyways I hope you will like the Feature for this month :dummy:

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ENJOY and share the love :heart:



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Shattered PsalmsI am a million pieces today
and none of them are whole.
Jagged prisms
reflecting my thoughts
back into my stoic gaze.
Tell me
how does it feel
to believe
that your path is laid out before you
watched over by angels.
He never had a chance really
I miss Him for what He never was
I'm sorry.
But perhaps it would have been better
if Your words had remained
And we had remained ignorant.
Less so than we are now
as the ground is steeped with tears and blood.
I'm so sorry.
We could not handle the truth
because we are made up of lies.
Hold me.
in the palm of Your hand
Shed a tear in memorium
and then let this broken bird drift back down to the blood and tears
where she belongs.
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YOSHI - MAXED OUT by DanLuVisiArt Aliens and ZebrasShe looked on; she was an observer, an alien to this world in front of her. The language was foreign. The devices in their hands were flashing light and making strange noises. She could see the light reflecting off their widened eyes. They tapped their digits against the devices, and she could see the expressions change. She wondered, why was so wonderful about these devices?
She could see the different classes. Those who had bulkier devices were outcast, shamed. They seemed to be missing something, something important. Everyone was connected by an invisible wire that was so thin, one tiny tremor would break it. It made her wonder, what about herself?
She understood she was different. She wanted to fit in, to be part of the invisible web of connections, but she didn't want to pretend. She knew she couldn't be part of their world. Pretending would be like trying to say she was a thoroughbred horse when everyone could clearly see she was a zebra. The same species, but not the same. In th
Untitled-update by JustinChristenbery
The caterpillar of The Small Emperor Moth by lukjonisStones by flaming-butterfliesYellow and White by agliophobie
GeisterStählerne Augen
schaun eisernen Grund,
durch dicke Mauern
und Stacheldraht.
Du kannst nicht sehen,
kannst nicht mehr hören,
du bist nie bei dir,
nimmst die andren nicht mehr wahr.
Hände zu Klauen verformt,
die Gesichter zu Eis erstarrt,
so sitzt du da,
leere Miene,
tote Seele,
du tust mir leid.
Wann wachst du auf?
Pixel Fruit Collection by nuriko-kunTo Only Accept by Kyzarius
Snow-mountain-river-wallpaper (sketch) by T-Douglas-PaintingStrange Lilies by RozrrBlessing of a Unicorn by Esveeka
view by kiberkittyWicked Ways by michelle--reneeThe Lake 180 by BieleckiRobert
Au Ras du Sol by didieroEarly Morning by SekkvaengrRorschaq commission by MrPrototype
Sketch 52 by jeffpsOld Knows by DeTea... by elomanna
Circle of Spice by Artico621Apple Blossoms by wiebkerost Choking EmotionsMy emotions are too much to bare
I'm blinded and cant image the ones who care
It starts with a cut and drags to the side
I debate whether to tell anyone I have too much pride
I have soo may friends but feel soo alone
How ever I find comfort when I'm on my phone
putting on a front so no one can see the sad and unhappy lonely me
Flash backs of my past haunt me at night
It's like its happing again and I don't like the sight
having a battle in my mind and I'm loosing the war
My tears stream down my face as I lay on the floor
I'm a fun person I brighten the day
But when it comes to my satisfaction it doesn't work my way
Guys walk in and out my life
I solve my problems and get pleasure with a knife
I shed blood then wipe it away
The crazy part is the problem will stay

OCs--Won't let you go down by Purrinee:thumb369905462:#140 by TheUnforgivingsArmy
Let's Have A Party by theresahelmerSkull Knight by AlanChristiannDrink from Me by vampirekingdom
Forkalkning by JahPickney.left in ruins by IgtornWes Wilson Mock Poster by trip-likeIdo
Rising Stars by beautifulchaos1Maria by annemaria48Chameleon by StubbornArtist
Siren Final by Davesrightmind UnconsciousnessUnconscious,
You slipped beneath my skin,
Took hold of writhing cells,
Kissed ghosts of whispers and
Glued the cracks of broken
Together with soothing strings of silver.
They weren't yours to make
You cozied up to my psyche,
Read stories to my creative nature and
Scrawled intimate writings on my
And you
Dove deep into my purple sunsets
Even though you couldn't swim.
Were you surprised when you
Began to drown?
Stupefied, blissful, I
Let you sleep on my corroded
And take strolls around the perimeter of
My heart, pretending not to
Notice when
Your footprints sunk into the
Though I bruise easily.
But it wasn't long before my blood
Couldn't pump
Without you;
My creative nature couldn't thrive
Without your stories and
My psyche couldn't stabilize if you
Weren't near.
Because you and I were so
Intertwined, enmeshed,
We were drowning in our interdependence and
As the tide of reality carried you
Away I shouted SAVE ME
But you were what was
Destroying me
Cigarette Pin Up by Nhunee
Pain by EstherPuche-Art[AT: Sukaberry] Say cheese, silly! by AvaaranaReach out .:Gift:. by Coraleana

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