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Submitted on
September 24, 2012


12 (who?)
Hello there fello friends, watchers and deviants...

One week ago was a sad day for the family of :iconkram666: and the deviant community.

He passed away at the age of only 48. Him who was so dedicated to digital art will never leave anyone of us a comment or reply to those given to him. He will never again fill our inboxes with his colorful fractals or cute photos of the foxes.

But even if his body has passed away - he will stay alive within us and within the art in his gallery.

I'm sure that he is somewhere where he can still appreciate our support of his art, so this is my hommage to a wonderful artist AND his family.

With heartfelt condolences,



~Fractal Art~

foreshadow by kram666tranquillity by kram666psychedelic butterfly by kram666
addiction by kram666under by kram666function green by kram666
perspectives by kram666oxygenate by kram666the web by kram666
destiny by kram666eremite by kram666pendulum by kram666
orange snap by kram666depicting by kram666nirvana by kram666
hypernova by kram666venues by kram666cracked by kram666
derivatives by kram666forever by kram666consisted by kram666
prefix by kram666erosion by kram666public by kram666
spiral warning by kram666subversive by kram666this corrosion by kram666
kaleidoscope by kram666blue sky by kram666so far away by kram666
modulation by kram666reflexive by kram666forces by kram666
ancestors by kram666spectrum sun by kram666phoenix by kram666
extent by kram666intriguing by kram666cube by kram666
discord by kram666sunshine by kram666julian again by kram666
intense heat by kram666pestilences by kram666synthesized by kram666
torment by kram666raw by kram666karma by kram666
artificial by kram666reaction by kram666higher self by kram666
danger: high voltage by kram666balance by kram666convention by kram666
windmill by kram666movement by kram666electromagnetic by kram666
coaster by kram666zonked out by kram666suburban by kram666
configuration by kram666summer by kram666gold by kram666
the ladder by kram666crazy by kram666nexus factor by kram666
spiral color's by kram666probe by kram666human experience by kram666


Ronny 290 by kram666wild orange poppy by kram666the crow by kram666
marigold rose by kram666Ronny 240 by kram666Roxy 490 by kram666
orange rose by kram666Roxy and Ronny ( daughter ) by kram666Ronny and Roxy by kram666
mum and daughter by kram666fuchsia's by kram666Rocky 32 by kram666
comma butterfly by kram666sweet william by kram666Ronny 179 by kram666
Roxy 367 by kram666snail by kram666peony by kram666
Roxy 575 by kram666Ronny 275 by kram666the spider by kram666
geranium in the dew by kram666Ronny ( daughter) and Roxy ( mother ) by kram666dillan by kram666
rose with dew by kram666arum lily by kram666Roxy 554 by kram666
hurry on sundown by kram666Roxy 465 by kram666victoria plum by kram666
Ronny 273 by kram666seagull by kram666macrosnail by kram666
camellia by kram666Ronny 270 by kram666Ronny 80 by kram666
super star rose by kram666the crow by kram666cute cat dillan by kram666
gatekeeper by kram666dew on fuchsia by kram666Roxy 560 by kram666
compassion rose by kram666the peony by kram666Ronny 97 by kram666
cute cub by kram666burmese cat by kram666Roxy 255 by kram666
just a little more love by kram666Nataly by kram666Ronny 143 by kram666
cub by kram666my love by kram666vixen 11 by kram666
friday 13th by kram666wild rose by kram666primrose by kram666
tulip by kram666dillan 02 by kram666agapanthus by kram666
chives by kram666Aprilla by kram666rocky 04 by kram666
baby giraffe by kram666apricot rose by kram666vixen 130 by kram666
dillan by kram666hydrangea by kram666cliff's by kram666
tiger by kram666vixen 84 by kram666red panda by kram666
red rose by kram666motmot bird by kram666tiger's by kram666
victoria plum by kram666vixen 14 by kram666fish eagle by kram666

~3D Art~

strange's tyre's by kram666yellow sea by kram666the sea...... by kram666
ocean life by kram666terrestrial by kram666outpost by kram666
invertible by kram666psychonautical by kram666starburst by kram666
encounters by kram666aqua by kram666misplaced childhood by kram666
goodbye blue sky by kram666life wasted by kram666motorway city by kram666
seaweed by kram666weird sea by kram666purple sea by kram666
mind-bending by kram666night- time by kram666deformation by kram666
internal by kram666perspectives by kram666purple city by kram666
sea wreck by kram666vaporization by kram666therfore by kram666
rainin sea by kram666if by kram666sprite by kram666
purple ocean by kram666optical discs by kram666loaded up by kram666
flat by kram666sea it's green by kram666infrared by kram666


freind's by kram666skin up by kram666weed by kram666
Timothy Leary by kram666Think for Yourself by kram666L ACID by kram666

~Daily Deviations~

wide-eyed gaze by kram666ajbit by kram666

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CatGal15 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry to hear it....:ohnoes:
Leichenengel Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah :(
buddhakat9 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012
oh Rike... this is SO beautiful... I'm SO glad I found this Fractophile group pholder of Mark tributes... we all really loved him a LOT!!! There is no one like him here and I wonder if he's pissed he's not going to be here for the big 12/21/12 dealy thingy!!
I still think about him daily...
his profile page is a tearful place, all the sweet comments directly to him...

thanks for making this...
Beautiful tribute!!!

Leichenengel Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Forgive me my ignorance but is there something special on the 21st of december? As for the Tribute - I just think this is the only thing I can du to support his art beyond the borders of death...
buddhakat9 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012
110% true, Rike...

Dec 21, 2012 is in Mayan mythology a great day of major change and many current day nostrodamus's are getting a piece of the fiscal pie, while it lasts... I agree that there is significance in the way the Mayans perceived things, but I don't really think the world will end, or anything... but you never know...
Mark liked to talk about it and we shared emails about it...


Mark is forever in my heart...
Leichenengel Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah I see - Yeah foreign cultures have their interesting features but I'm not all too much into it. I also don't think that the world will end and if it does oh well - that just means we will go to meet Mark again :giggle:
buddhakat9 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012

psion005 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
a sad day for our comminity :(
Leichenengel Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes :(
PaulineMoss Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
How sad I feel at this terrible loss but grateful for this wonderful tribute! It feels as though a star has died and the heavens are a little bit darker.
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