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November 1, 2011
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Happy late Halloween - Sweet and Sour Features

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 1, 2011, 8:06 AM

Hello fellow deaviants :)

Unfortunately almost noone answered to my journal where I was asking for
pic suggestions. Well - I've made my own choices anyways but yeah. Bad
luck for you I guess =p

So why is this article so late? Well yesterday was Halloween right? :D I
have been to a Halloween Party with two Friends, even though the
Halloween over here isn't what Halloween is over there in the US - no
children running around playing Trick or Treat and the Parties are kinda
lame as well, but we still had fun. I dressed up as some kind of Witch
and my friend went as Black Widow. Only our male compagnion wasn't
dressed up - but he came in for free since he knew the staff :lol:

Anyways - Here I goe with my late Halloween Feature. Please FAV the
article and show the artists some love or I will send someone to haunt
you :iconwooooplz: :D

halloween by coby01Halloween Avatar by rubyruby0729Sadako's Sister by Leichenengel
Who Cares About The Candy by NinthTabooAll Hallows Eve by kittrose:thumb265229367:
Halloween Blast by SuicideBySafetyPinshadow clone trooper 01 by yume-ninjaColours Of The Fall 2 by PierreTombale
ColoradoSpirit13 Pumpkn Attack by sugarpoultrySpooky Halloween by LiuantaLiving Undead by rhezM
Bright eyes and the Pumpkins by NaschiHalloween textures by LaPikkolaCla:thumb265229899:
Pumpkin Pickles by LeichenengelHappyHalloween by DemonShiroFree Background 32 by zememz
Skeleton Horse by Stalkkeri-wolfHappy Hallowe'en by Toast-MuncherSatan Up by babydark
13 Color Jack-o-Lanterns by madaline-7Happy Halloween by facjadark pillow by XXAnemia
:thumb265188474:Crack in sanity by AneurysmGuyhalloween wallpaper by bd670816
. by LostCaradelNeilThis is Halloween by GoddessOfValhallaFeeling a Little Green? by LawlieDarling
:thumb265194332:Halloween textures by noccio by noccioUSAGI-KUNKyuubi Pumpkin by sweetpurpletiger
Jack in color by The1stMoyatiaFree - Halloween Stuff by GormstarHalloween fairy by Lexandrian
Reaper King by AembrosiaPremade Background by NitwitbritHalloween Cupcake by JNFerrigno
Ready for Halloween Marian by butterflyangel13:thumb264777153:Witch Moon by pagangirl1986
Amor Eterno, a photo play by deadfishproductions:thumb264754300::thumb264841284:
:thumb264841284:Gruselblumen by LeichenengelFairytale Halloween by Psycho--Princess
Grave Stone by gri3v3r-stockEnvidia by GorgeousGeek
THE FABRIC OF ROBOT PUMPKINS by DorianoArtWhen I'm Dead by ClintostheGreatThe whole gang by KauseNeffect
:thumb265163181:Free Halloween Card Design by kawaii-oekaki-chantentacle yard by missmonster
Stingy Jack by borosylVampire Moon by wolfepawUnder My Skin by Provorse
:thumb253892755:KS - Thorns by LeichenengelBlack Widows Cavern by starsandclones
:thumb265386268:witchcrafting by SaphireNishiHallows' Eve Witch by Marina-Shads
Gathering of Ghosts by LilyevansseverusHaunted Hell by KancanoSTONES FROM THE SKY by HORNEDQUAD
Spooky little girl like you by Flos-AbysmiThe Tormented by MaiRionette
All Hallows' Eve by silentfuneralA Special Season by TeaPhotographyPandora's Box by DreamscapeCovers
The Haunted Souls by dickie0Happy Halloween 2010 by LeichenengelLil Zombie eats Pumpkin Brains by ShermanTank13
HAPPY HALLOWEEN by Risto-liciousHalloween by AlynarisHappy Halloween by CamT
Cogitator by GeosammyPokeswap by KaraNariHappy Halloween Kitty by catzilla
Spooky by Nikky81'This is Halloween' by RogueLottieMoon Milk by MattDixon
:thumb265392085:.:Mina- Happy Halloween:. by GarnetWeavile461Spooky House by JoeCool42
It's Almost Halloween by 11Ziggy11:thumb265143667:Yu-Gi-Oh Card: The Thirteen Ghosts by Aven001
Becky by ade-daviesRage Halloween by AngrysmackMy costume by toddbushman
Blood Stream by Nunu-Digiart:thumb265449371:Halloween Labels by beveronik
:thumb265594163:Skull-Leaf by Devilinchan94Dead of Night... by jaded-ink
Pit Fiend by NytcrawlerTo become Pumpkins by LeichenengelHalloween Texture Pumpkin by DesiraeR
PBN Halloween 2011 by Paperbag-NinjaCome with us this halloween by StarsColdNightSkull Spiral by rockgem
.:Happy Halloween:. by LT-ArtsChameleon by babsartcreationsChloe halloween girl by Philiera
Playful Witchcraft - ID 03 by LeichenengelPumpkin Spice by karlajkittyHalloween witch by skullroseinc
Halloween Patterns Pack by powerpuffjazzMY little secret by RebecaSarayBlack Witch - 4D by artmatrix
Black Widow by LilaCattisExtreme Sound front by nachoriescoCorpse Bride by Icelandic-catlover
Halloween Wallpaper Pack by dianar87Vampire by LeichenengelHappy Halloween Pony by HaruShadows
Peter Pumpkinhead by AkaSunshineZombie by mlappasHalloween by MiloshJevremovic
Seds Halloween by teddybearchollaKiller Smile by PhotoshopIsMyKung-FuWitchy by EmzXO
Chill by NytcrawlerHalloween omelette by Fiery-FireLife After Death by SlinkyDudeFish
KS - Inferno by LeichenengelThat Little Creepy Girl by above-the-skiesVampire Gorelesque by Ophelia-Overdose
Harry Potter: Happy Halloween by daekazuFree WP - The Colors of Halloween by snow-valkyriePhrenology by Flobelebelebobele
The Queen of Halloween. by BrainwormsJacks Summons by KnightFlyte96Dead Memories by AndyGarcia666
Happy Halloween 2011 by MdleineAnnie from League of Legends by InsaneIVICinderella by BigBad-Red
NIBOREA: Halloween by PrasaHappyHalloween211 by pauscorpiThe Living Shadow by Dynneekx
Spooky Pumpkins by Gerda1946Desmodus mulier by TheDaveLPumpkin Seeds by RageBetweenTheSheets
Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath by dloliverPOMEGRANATE ANYONE by HeartOfDeathOh, it's Halloween by Kokopa
Zombeauties by yaichinoHalloween Town by wizerkizer:thumb265784097:
Corpse Bride: Emily and Victor by daekazuHowl at the Moon by jim373:thumb266070062:
Halloween Show by jorcerca:thumb266396914:Tunnel to Halloween by Leichenengel
Happy Halloween by NelEilisHappy Spiral-Oween by TheZephyrSongHappy halloween by Royle-McCulloch

:pumpkin: HAPPY LATE HALLOWEEN deviantART :pumpkin:

PS: I hate the new News&Journal System. I want back the "Submit News"-Feature /rantoff

Journal Layout by lockjavv
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rhezM Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanx for adding my work to your collection!

here's a link to my page [link] feel free to browse my artworks or contact me if you want a personal commission work
Fiery-Fire Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
super cool Rike !!! suks I missed it whn it was first out, have been vanishing a bit from online ;)
Thank you and yes Im faving it anyway I love Halloween :pumpkin:
Leichenengel Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe well better late than never - maybe you also want to check out my Christmas Feature :D
StarsColdNight Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
thank you very much :hug:
bd670816 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
very thanks for the feature :D
Leichenengel Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem :)
gigi28 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
what is feauturing????^^!
Good late halloween!!
Leichenengel Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Featuring = putting a thumnb of someones work into a journal/article ^^
gigi28 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
i wish that one day some feature my artwork, but i think it will be hard...i have a project of comic book , i will very happy to advertise my comic here in DA, is it a good idea?
Leichenengel Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Uhm well you could join group where you can contribute your comics to share them around - but it's not a good idea to jump from profile to profile and post links or send out notes - people might get dead annoyed then.....[link] Go there and search for groups that might suit your needs and join them :)
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